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About Sikander Scott Von Heldt

Sikander Scott Von Heldt was born and raised in the small lakefront town of Sandusky, Ohio

He was raised in the Christian church, the son of a choir director and had a natural gift for musical expression that launched him into the pursuit of his dreams of becoming a professional touring musician. Throughout the years, he studied many of the world religions along with harvesting a deep connection to natural healing and wellness. In 2002 he moved to Los Angeles to explore new musical opportunities and quickly gained momentum as a session guitarist/vocalist and touring musician working alongside some of the musical icons he grew up admiring.

In 2005 a friend from a local music store invited him to accompany her to a book store in Hollywood in search of The Music of Life by the Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan. It was there that Scott discovered The Mysticism of Sound and Music and was immediately drawn to the energy and teachings of Murshid Inayat Khan and soon after sought out the guidance of a Sufi teacher. He soon thereafter met Tasnim Hermila Fernandez and within a few months was initiated into the Inayatiyya and given the Sufi name Sikander.

Sikander went on to become a Healing Conductor, Healing Retreat Guide, Knight of Purity, and took part in the first session of the Immergent Leaders program. In 2020 Sikander completed his training to become a Representative in the Inayatiyya and now works closely with Tasnim to help run classes and events at their center, The Church of All, in Los Angeles, CA.

He recently graduated the Suluk Academy class of 2022 Na Koja Abad, and has been building an online presence sharing daily teachings and monthly offerings via YouTube, Instagram, and Zoom!

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